Accident Injuries and MRIs

Advanced imaging is essential for accident victims who often suffer serious trauma. The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine has the power to detect some of the most serious internal injuries that the human body can suffer. When you have been in a motor vehicle accident, you have a high chance of incurring a serious injury. Any other injury may also cause internal injuries as well. These injuries do not always immediately become apparent. Without an MRI, you might not know that you have such a problem for hours or days, leading to even more serious damage. That’s why you need to visit Onyx Imaging whenever you are involved in a crash or other accident.

MRI Advantages

An MRI provides clear, 3D images of the human body without using radiation. The procedure is painless and uses a magnetic field and radio waves to get an excellent picture of your internal structures. MRI’s are particularly effective at finding spinal injuries, blood vessel problems and brain trauma, all injuries that are commonly caused by an accident. Safe for almost everyone, an MRI offers a clearer picture of some injuries than any other imaging method. Since it became commercially available in the 1980s, the MRI has been used to diagnose many tissue and nerve injuries that would previously have gone undetected initially. Millions of people have benefited from this technology.

Spinal cord injuries are often devastating, especially if they are not detected early. Motor vehicle accidents are one main cause of these injuries. The blunt force trauma of a collision can fracture, dislocate or compress your vertebrae. Bleeding and swelling can cause additional injury in the days following the impact. Early imaging is essential to limiting the damage of blunt force trauma on your spine.

Accidents can also cause traumatic brain injury, and MRIs are excellent for identifying head injuries. It is important that these injuries are treated immediately to prevent lasting damage, including long-term cognitive issues. You may not even hit your head during an accident but still have a serious injury. Your head may simply snap back and forth, causing the brain to careen off the inside of your skull. If you are the victim of a blunt force accident, you need access to advanced imaging.

Onyx Imaging

In the Atlanta area, Onyx Imaging offers MRIs to accident victims. These tests can detect nerve and tissue damage promptly, allowing you to get the treatment you need to recover. MRIs offer some of the best views of your injuries possible. With Onyx, you can quickly get an appointment for an MRI and have the results read within four hours. While this test is costly when performed in an emergency room, at Onyx, you won’t have to worry about insurance or paying out of pocket. Onyx offers imaging on a lien, which means they are paid from your legal settlement. Onyx knows that everyone deserves the best care available, no matter their financial situation.

Money shouldn’t matter when it comes to your health, but sometimes it does, especially when it comes to advanced imaging. Fortunately Onyx believes that everyone should receive the most technologically advanced imaging possible when they have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident or another traumatic injury. In the Atlanta area, you can get the MRI that you need from Onyx.