Cooler Weather Means More Sports Injuries

After the glory of summer fades away, fall and winter sports battles provide a lot of family entertainment. People bundle up to attend local football and soccer games. Enthusiastic fans flock to local auditoriums to take in the beginning of basketball season and to watch volleyball matches. It’s an exciting time, but an injury-filled one as well. If one of your family’s athletes is hurt during a sporting event, don’t take any chances with their health. Take them to Onyx Imaging for prompt diagnosis of their injury.

Common Sports Injuries

Despite improved protective gear and concussion protocols, concussions are still common in sports, particularly in football. In extreme cases, the injury can cause long-term cognitive issues, including memory loss. Any hard blow to the head needs to be taken seriously and treated promptly.

Other common injuries include ankle sprains, groin pulls, hamstring strains and tears, and knee injuries. Athletes are also known to fracture bones and sustain numerous lacerations and contusions. Some sports, such as ice hockey, lend themselves to various jaw and tooth injuries. If not properly treated, these conditions can cause long-term problems and sometimes put an end to an athlete’s career.

Long-Term Effects

Most sports injuries can cause long-term health issues. For instance, if a sprain is not properly diagnosed and braced, it may not heal properly, leading to ankle instability. In some cases, surgery may be required to repair the ankle ligaments in order for you to regain full mobility.

Hamstring tendon injuries often plague athletes of various skill levels. They are caused by quickly accelerating on the field or track. If these strains are not treated, they can lead to a recurrent issue that can keep you on the sidelines.

Stress fractures often appear in the wrist, heel and are generally small cracks. If they are not identified and treated, they can lead to bigger fractures and chronic pain issues.

An untreated concussion is particularly dangerous. If you do not take time to recover from a concussion, you are more likely to sustain another and possibly worse one when you return to your sport. Patients with concussions must avoid physical activity for a period of time to avoid permanent brain injury.

You cannot afford to overlook sports injuries. What appears to be a simple sprain or pain in the knee could be a serious injury. Often, advanced imaging is needed to identify the problem.

Onyx Imaging

In the Atlanta area, injured athletes should seek the expert services of Onyx Imaging. Onyx offers their patients state-of-the -art X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. If you or a family member has any type of sports injury, they can diagnose it with prompt, advanced imaging.

Some people avoid seeking treatment due to financial and insurance worries. At Onyx, your bank balance is never an issue because they provide medical imaging on a lien. You don’t need insurance because your bill will be paid out of your legal settlement. As an added bonus, you or your worried athlete won’t have to wait long for results, either, because scans will be read within four hours.

Fall and winter sports are a wonderful American tradition that, unfortunately, produces many injuries. You can minimize the effects of those injuries by calling Onyx. For the Stockbridge location, dial 770-892-0153, and for the Decatur location, dial 470-440-1750.