Staying Safe This Halloween

Children and adults love Halloween for the opportunity to dress up and eat a large amount of sugar. Candy and costumes? What’s not to like? Unfortunately, Halloween is fraught with danger beyond gaining ten pounds or being frightened by the a child dressed as Chuckie. This holiday tends to cause quite a few accidents, some of them quite serious.

Trip and Fall Accidents

Every year, over 1,000,000 Americans injure themselves in slip, trip and fall accidents. Some of these injuries are severe and include fractures, head injuries, and soft tissue problems. Halloween activities lead to many of these accidents. Trick and treaters of all ages easily trip and fall over too long costumes. Halloween masks are traditionally difficult to see through, so simply walking up the steps can cause you to fall. The hazards are real as you can verify if you visit any hospital emergency room on that holiday evening.

Prop Injuries

That Grim Reaper scythe and ninja nunchucks make cute accessories until someone swings them while battling for a stray candy bar on the floor. Sometimes children are careless with their plastic swords as are alcohol-influenced adults. People can end up with puncture wounds, deep tissue injuries, and the occasional concussion from these “toys” that require medical attention.

Candy Problems

Candy isn’t good for you nutritionally, but for kids, it holds other dangers. Some small children tend to stick candy where it doesn’t belong, like up up their noses or in their ears. Often, a trip for medical imaging is necessary to locate the object so it can be safely removed.

Children also may choke on small candy pieces. It’s much harder to monitor their intake when they receive so many candy bars, mints, and taffy bits. Adults need to carefully oversee small children as they gobble their treats so this danger can be avoided.

Knife Wounds

Halloween doesn’t necessarily lead to knife fights, but it is responsible for numerous knife injuries. Carving jack-o-lanterns can be a dangerous activity, one that sends people to seek medical treatment for serious cuts far too often. Sometimes, these cuts cause deep injuries that require medical imaging. Fingers, hands, and other body parts may bear the scars for years to come.

Vehicle Accidents

Halloween is a prime time for automobile accidents. When children are scurrying around in the dark, collisions are bound to happen. Drivers are often distracted by their own eager passengers as well. Even minor accidents can cause extensive tissue damage, sprains, and fractures that requires expert medical imaging.

Onyx Imaging

Many Halloween injuries require expert imaging for proper diagnosis and treatment. In the Atlanta area, patients should seek these services at Onyx Imaging. At Onyx, they offer state-of-the-art x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Those with trip and fall injuries, lodged objects, fractures and other Halloween injuries can get the prompt and professional imaging they need when they need it.

At Onyx, insurance is not an issue because they provide medical imaging on a lien, which means that your bill is paid out of your legal settlement. You won’t spend days waiting for results, either, because your scans will be read within four hours.

Halloween means lots of tasty and scary fun, but it also means lots of accidents. If you are injured and need medical attention, call Onyx. For the Stockbridge location, dial 770-892-0153, and for the Decatur location, dial 470-440-1750.