Vehicle collisions seldom leave drivers and passengers unscathed. Even minor crashes can cause serious injury. While some of these injuries are obvious, many are not, including soft tissue injuries such as muscle damage, ligament issues, or tendon tears. Since these injuries are not visible, they are often initially overlooked by accident victims and medical doctors. When you are in a collision, you need to seek immediate medical imaging to identify these soft-tissue injuries.


Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

A sprain is an example of soft tissue injury. During a car accident, ankle and wrist sprains are common. A sprain occurs when a ligament is either stretched or torn, causing mobility problems and often a great deal of pain. Collisions can also cause muscle and tendon strains, particularly in the back.

Whiplash is the most well-known soft tissue injury caused by vehicle collisions. An accident often causes the head to whip forward and backwards, straining or tearing the tendons and muscles in your neck and leading to significant pain and suffering.


Symptoms of Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries vary, but they can all cause severe pain and limited mobility. In the case of whiplash, headaches are a common symptom as well as dizziness, blurred vision, sleep issues, and moodiness. When you suffer whiplash, you may also incur cognitive issues such as difficulty with memory and concentration.

Sprains heal at different rates, but a severe one may take months, and some patients feel the effect for up to a year or more. If you have a muscle strain, recovery time may be as little as several weeks or as long as several months. In some instances, surgery may be indicated.


Imaging and Soft Tissue Injuries

Imaging right after an accident can identify these soft tissue injuries and ensure that you get prompt treatment so you can begin to heal. A CT scan reveals a cross-sectional image of your body and allows your medical professional to look at the condition of your organs and tissues. An MRI produces cross-sectional, high-resolution images of your soft tissues, allowing your doctor to determine if you’ve suffered damage from the accident.


Onyx Imaging

Onyx Imaging offers accident victims fast and accurate imaging so that their injuries do not go undiagnosed. At Onyx, you will receive same-day imaging and have your results read by a professional in approximately four hours.

You do not need insurance to receive help from Onyx professionals. They specialize in lien-based billing which is contingent upon your legal action. They get paid when your case is settled. As a result, you receive the imaging you need without having to negotiate with an insurance company or hospital emergency room. Your injuries will be identified promptly, which means you are protected legally, financially, and physically.

If you are involved in an accident, realize that you can suffer a number of injuries, including those involving unseen soft tissue. In the immediate aftermath of a collision, you may not realize you have been hurt. Some symptoms do not appear for days or even weeks after the accident. That’s why medical imaging is so important. With these tests, medical professionals can quickly identify physical issues and get you the help you need. After an accident, contact Onyx Imaging to receive the proper imaging.