Getting Medical Imaging After a Car Accident

Because so many people are involved in car accidents during their lifetimes, the public at large may underestimate their seriousness. In fact, car accidents are damaging to you mentally, emotionally and physically. Often, after a collision, you are simply in shock, full of adrenaline, or worried about other victims. You may also lack insurance and be reluctant to go to the emergency room or even urgent care in fear of racking up thousands in medical bills. That’s why so many injuries initially go undetected. Fortunately, no matter your circumstances, you can get the medical imaging you need by visiting Onyx Imaging.

Imaging Need

After a collision, you may be shaken and sore but think you’ve escaped serious injury. In reality, many injuries take hours, days or even weeks to completely manifest. For instance, you can easily suffer from whiplash, a debilitating muscle sprain that can lead to severe headaches, dizziness or long-term injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can be caused simply by having your head jerked forward, forcing your brain to collide with your skull. Left undiagnosed, concussions can cause serious cognitive issues.

Herniated disks, knee issues, shoulder problems, chest injuries: they can all result from a vehicle accident. Imaging in the form of a CT scan, MRI or X-ray can quickly spot this damage, allowing you to get the treatment you need and improving your chances of a full recovery. Undetected medical issues will simply worsen and, in some instances, cause permanent damage. Seeking proper post-accident care is your best route to a full recovery.

No Insurance

Money concerns may stop you from seeking treatment. At Onyx Imaging, you do not need insurance. In fact, you pay nothing to get the imaging you need because Onyx will perform their services on a lien. They receive payment through your attorney when legal settlements have been reached. As a result, you don’t have to worry about having the financial means for necessary imaging. You can get the cutting-edge imaging that you need without even the price of a copay.

Doctors are sometimes constrained when it comes to performing scans in the emergency room. They may not offer you these tests if you have no specific complaint immediately after the accident. At Onyx, these scans are performed to make certain you have no injury from the collision.

Fast Answers

After an accident, you may avoid medical treatment simply because you don’t feel up to waiting hours in an emergency room to see a doctor and then spend even more time waiting for test results. When you call Onyx Imaging, you will receive prompt care and have your results in approximately four hours. That way, you avoid painful waits and can begin proper treatment for any injury, increasing your odds of a good outcome. You will also have the information you need to pursue your legal options. At Onyx, their care is fast and patient-based.

In an age when medical technology is at its height, all patients should benefit from advanced medical imaging. Despite what you may believe, you can walk away from an accident simply feeling sore, while having received a significant injury.

Automobile collisions are serious matters. Even with improved vehicle safety features, humans aren’t able to remain unscathed from the impact of tons of steel. Avoid the harm from undetected injuries by visiting Onyx Imaging after a car accident.