MRI- Magnetic resonance imaging captures images of tissue structures using magnetic fields. It can save patients from undergoing invasive diagnostic procedures and surgeries by enabling physicians to view issues not exposed by other tests. MRI is the best test to evaluate the integrity and continuity of the joints and spinal disk. Optimal imaging is obtained utilizing a 1.5 Tesla magnet as opposed to an open MRI which has far less resolution.

CT Scan

CT Scan- Computed Tomography (CT), also known as CAT scan, uses x-rays to produce computer-generated images of body tissues. The minimal amount of radiation used for the test is absorbed and measured by a detector, and that data is converted into digital images. CT scans can be performed on patients that have surgical implants or metal in their body.


We use x-rays to assess injuries without having to do any invasive procedures. This can help diagnose, treat, and monitor medical conditions. Our imaging specialists are highly equipped to preform x-rays on our patients when necessary.

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