Motor vehicle accidents can cause incredible harm to the human body. Even minor accidents can result in fractures, head injuries and soft tissue issues like whiplash. Although whiplash is a common neck affliction, it is a serious one that many victims underestimate. It is caused by the rapid back and forth neck motion that occurs due to a hard impact. Many cases result from a rear-end motor vehicle collision, but other traumas can cause the condition as well. If you are in any type of accident, you need to be aware of the symptoms and effects of whiplash so you can receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. Otherwise, you may never fully recover.


Some whiplash symptoms are not apparent for hours or even days after the incident. Others can appear almost immediately. Neck pain, headaches and stiffness are commonly experienced by accident victims, sometimes before you leave the scene of the accident. You may also experience limited neck motion, shoulder pain, dizziness or tingling in your arms. Extreme fatigue can also develop after a whiplash injury. In severe cases, you might suffer from memory issues and blurred vision among other frightening and debilitating symptoms.


You should never try to self-diagnosis any condition or injury. Properly diagnosing whiplash requires a careful examination by a physician and state-of-the art imaging. A simple x-ray generally cannot capture injuries to soft tissues like muscles and ligaments. However, an MRI or CT scan can detect these injuries and allow your physician to provide the correct treatment for the condition. Your insurance and legal claims may hinge upon having this type of documentation.


Whiplash treatments vary according to the severity of the injury. Your physician is likely to prescribe a combination of treatments including OTC pain medications, heat, ice and range-of-motion exercises. You may benefit from physical therapy sessions and prescription medications that target nerve pain. In some instances, you may need muscle relaxants or injections. Some patients choose to pursue alternative treatments such as acupuncture and massage as well. For many victims, a variety of treatments are necessary to provide the desired relief.


Many whiplash patients recover quickly with no long-term effects. Unfortunately, some more serious cases can cause chronic pain and limited neck motion that can make it difficult to handle the demands of daily life. Unfortunately the effects can last for years, especially if you do not seek the proper treatment immediately after the accident.

Onyx Imaging

Patients in the Atlanta area can get the advanced imaging they need at Onyx Imaging. At Onyx, they offer the MRIs and CT scans that are necessary to correctly diagnose whiplash. Without the right diagnosis, you cannot receive the treatment you need, which can lead to long-term physical and emotional issues.

At Onyx, they see you promptly and read your scans within four hours. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about insurance. Onyx offers imaging on lien, meaning your bill is paid from your legal settlement. Your personal finances are not an issue.

Whiplash is a serious issue that can make daily life difficult and painful. If you are in an accident, make certain that you get the imaging you need to diagnose whiplash and other conditions that can upend your life. In the Atlanta area, call 770-892-0153 for the Stockbridge location and 470-440-1750 for the Decatur clinic.