When Do You Need an MRI?

An MRI, which stands for “magnetic resonance imaging,” scan is one of modern medicine’s most versatile and important tools. Many people have already had an MRI or two because these images offer so much medical information so quickly. They are particularly effective for those who have been in an automobile accident and have potentially injured their bones, organs or joints.

What Is an MRI?

An MRI machine is a piece of medical equipment that can examine your internal organs, bones, joints and spinal cord by using radio waves and a large magnet. An MRI is the best test to evaluate the integrity and continuity of the joints and spine.

Patients feel no pain during an MRI, but they are asked to lie completely still while they are in the long, often enclosed machine. The biggest complaint for many patients is the noise and a feeling of claustrophobia. However, some facilities use open MRIs to alleviate the latter issue.

what is an mri and when do you need one

MRI- Magnetic resonance imaging captures images of tissue structures using magnetic fields.

Accident Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2,443,000 people were injured in traffic accidents in 2015. While some of these injuries are easily detectable, others require an MRI to identify. Also, injuries may not appear immediately. Victims of these accidents may not develop symptoms for days or even weeks. That is why seeking an immediate diagnosis is so important.


Onyx Imaging

Onyx Imaging specializes in working with accident victims who may have suffered injury to their joints, spine or internal organs. They offer a number of tests, including MRIs, that are crucial to discovering sometimes hidden injuries.

When a patient goes to the emergency room, the physician might not order an MRI, which means some potential injuries may not be detected. If a doctor determines that an MRI is not medically necessary, patients may feel they have no option. For those with no insurance or a company that won’t pay, the cost of this test may well be out of reach. Fortunately, Onyx Imaging works with you and your lawyer so you can get the imaging that you need.

MRI on Lien

Onyx Imaging provides services to patients who are involved in automobile accidents or other personal injury incidents. The company does not accept insurance, and it requires no payment from the patient. Instead, it does MRIs and other imaging tests “on lien,” which simply means the company gets paid through the attorney when the legal case is settled. Again, these MRIs are performed at no cost to the patient and can provide information vital to the patient’s treatment and to the injury settlement.

In the past, victims of accidents had limited options. Onyx Imaging gives them the tools they need to regain their health and to fight their legal battles.

Car accidents are a major source of injury every year for Americans, many of whom are blameless victims. An MRI is a sophisticated, highly accurate test that some patients need to prove their case and get the medical help they need.

Onyx Imaging makes it simple to get an MRI with its cutting-edge equipment and same-day service. Within hours, clients get necessary information about their injuries. Best of all, patients do not have to worry about paying for these tests. The company settles with the attorney after the case has been determined. Patients can get an MRI, CT scan, and more with no hassle so they can get on with their post-accident lives.