CT scans are a type of advanced imaging that can detect muscle, tissue and bone injuries that a regular X-ray cannot. You may think a CT scan is primarily for those patients with emergent conditions, but many accident victims can benefit from having this type of scan. Unfortunately, some medical facilities may be hesitant to offer one if you do not have insurance since CT’s are expensive. When you have been in an accident, you need to seek help from Onyx Imaging. They perform advanced imaging, including CT scans, without regard to your insurance situation.

Superior Injury Detection

A CT scan is a machine that takes multiple X-rays of your body from a number of different angles. A computer program then takes these X-rays and create cross-section images of your blood vessels, muscles and tissue. The images are much more detailed than a regular X-ray and are particularly helpful in diagnosing internal injuries that are associated with car crashes, falls, etc. CT scans can also detect nerve injuries, muscle and tissue problems and other internal damage. Injury symptoms may not show up for hours or days, so getting a CT scan makes sense for most accident victims. Even if you initially believe your injuries are not severe, a CT scan is still important.

Internal Bleeding

Many accident injuries can cause internal bleeding, a serious condition that can be life-threatening, particularly if it is not detected promptly. Car accidents in particular can cause blunt trauma and penetrating trauma. Both of which can cause abdominal bleeding, bleeding around the lungs, tears in major blood vessels, including the aorta, and even brain bleeds. A CT scan can locate internal bleeding and also find its source. An X-ray cannot. Undetected internal bleeding can kill you.

CT Scan Cost

The cost of CT scans varies widely depending on the medical facility’s policies. In fact, the price of a CT scan can range from several hundred dollars to nearly $9000. Even those with health insurance may find their coinsurance payment prohibitive. Those without insurance may refuse the test due to the cost, or the doctor might not offer it, fearing that you won’t be able to afford it.

At Onyx Imaging, you don’t have to worry about the CT cost issue because they serve those without insurance. The practice is called providing services on a lien, which means the cost is covered by your legal settlement. You can get the advanced imaging that a CT scan provides without worrying about how to pay for it.

Onyx Imaging

If you are involved in an accident in the Atlanta area, seek help from the experts at Onyx Imaging. For over a decade, the medical team at Onyx has been providing the most advanced imaging available for injured patients. They offer same day service, so you not only get in promptly, your stats are read within four hours. Their reading radiologists are all board-certified, so you get the answers you need quickly, enabling you to get the correct medical treatment for your injuries. Onyx also provides referrals to top-rated MDs and chiropractors.

For even faster service, download their mobile app that allows you to request an appointment, fill out intake forms and get directions. Onyx is the best way for many accident victims to get the imaging they need to recover properly.