The healthcare field has made huge advancements in imaging in recent decades, with the CT scan and MRI being two tools that have made diagnosis and treatment of many medical issues much easier and more accurate. In fact, if you are injured in an accident, you may expect to have one of these sophisticated (and pricey) tools used on you. But in many instances, the trusty X-ray will reveal what doctors need to know to begin treating you. When you are injured, do not scoff at the X-ray machine.

X-Ray Basics

An X-ray is a test delivered by a machine that sends X-ray beams throughout your body, revealing vital information about your health. When you have an X-ray, the technician will step away from the testing area because the process does release small amounts of radiation that will be absorbed by your body. Although this procedure is not recommended for pregnant women, it is considered safe for most people since your exposure is usually limited.

On an X-ray, dense structures like your bones show up as white. The air in your lungs will come back as black, while your fat and muscle look gray.

X-ray Uses

At some point in your life, you have heard “Better get that X-rayed.” The person giving that advice may have been right. An X-ray can reveal many things about the state of your body, including bone and teeth fractures and infection. If you’ve been suffering from swollen and painful joints, an X-ray can reveal if you have arthritis.

X-rays can also determine if you have a lung infection or injury or problems in your digestive system.

Imaging Costs

An X-ray can cost you anywhere from $100 – $1000 if you do not have insurance, although the average cost is between $260 – $460. While this cost may seem high, CT scans and MRI costs range higher. A CT scan can cost between $1000 – $4000, while an MRI scan is priced between $1500 and $6000.

In some instances, you do need these higher priced imaging tests for diagnosis and treatment, but in many situations, the X-ray provides the information that your physician needs. Most fractures require only an X-ray, and broken legs, arms and collar bones are often seen in motor vehicle collisions and falls. Of course, you need to see imaging experts to determine what test your injuries require.

Onyx Imaging

If you are an accident victim in the Atlanta area, contact Onyx Imaging. They provide the latest imaging technology, including X-rays as well as CT scans and MRIs. You can get an immediate appointment to receive the tests you need so that your condition can be diagnosed and the proper treatment started.

Once you have had your X-ray at Onyx, they will read your scans within four hours, meaning you will not suffer painful and unnecessary delays. Also, you will never be turned away due to lack of insurance at Onyx. They offer imaging on lien, which means that you pay nothing out-of-pocket, ever. Your fees are covered by your legal settlement, so there is no reason to delay your testing. For more information, call 770-892-0153 for the Stockbridge location and 470-440-1750 for the Decatur facility.

If you suffer an injury in a motor vehicle collision, slip and fall accident or another unfortunate incident, be certain to get the imaging that you need, regardless of your financial status. Help is available to you.